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About Us

Sunflowers symbolize happiness, optimism, honesty, longevity, peace, admiration, and devotion. The sunflower possibly surpasses all others in terms of its universal power to bring joy to people. With a round face and bright yellow petals resembling rays of sunshine, the sunflower has important cultural and spiritual significance to people around the world. The symbolism and meaning of Sunflowers are the perfect metaphor for our Company values. Sunflowers always turn toward the light are known for their vitality and longevity.


Sunflower Hospitality is a collection of Hotels and Restaurants with common goals. Our culture and mission are to manage the Sunflower Hospitality businesses with the qualities ascribed to the Sunflower. Our team members' mission is to engage with the community, customers, and with each other, guided by the light and qualities of the Sunflower.

Our Properties

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